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Hello fellow bloggers! So over the past week I have received some really cute messages and emails asking “OMG! Sara, where did u go?” “Sara how could you just stop blogging?” “Sara, I need ur makeup advise, HELP!”

So, here is my mass answer 🙂

My dear readers, I am well and alive 🙂 When I started my blog a little over two weeks ago, it was my small way of putting “my two cents” out there. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings and never really expected anyone to read it. However, I am so flabbergasted by the positive response I’ve gotten, and am absolutely flattered that people would care enough to email me and ask how I am doing 🙂

Last week, LIFE got in the way so blogging kind of went to wayside. However, in order to maintain an active blogging  status, my readers happy, and myself sane, I’ve decided to come up with a schedule for myself. This way, you all get at  least three new posts to read per week and I get time to try new products and come up with honest opinions to share with you all 🙂

Hope everyone is doing great, see you all on the  blog circuit tomorrow!

Love, Sara!!



Comments on: "IM ALLLLIIIIVEEE! :)" (3)

  1. i was walking to my car and one of my older lady friends turned to me and said, “you haven’t blogged in 19 days.” i was like WHAT!? EVEN I DON’T KEEP COUNT! yeah…hilarious.

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