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Rich, Creamy, Smooth……sorry girls, I’m not talking about peanut butter or even chocolate :). These words describe  the Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipcolors perfectly!

A few months ago I saw this fancy display at my local drugstore, but chose to bypass it because the lipsticks were $9 USD, and sorry but that was just $5 too much. So for months I kept passing the display, hoping the prices would go down and when they didn’t I finally said,  “Gosh darn it!!! I NEED this lipstick!”  (I rationalized since I love Drew Barrymore, it was duty as a super fan to try the products she promotes ) 🙂

Packaging: Very sleek. Its simple yet fun and I really appreciate that the color is visible on the bottom on the tube. I keep all my lip products in a drawer and I hate having to open multiple tubes to find the color that I want. However,with  the peek of color, its soo much easier, I just open  the drawer and BAM there are my colors.

Product: It is pure velvet on the lips! So smooth and silky and in a weird way, the lines on my lips seem more filled in and smooth as well. The lasting power is also great and as the day wore on, for  me the color left a really pleasant lip stain effect that I really liked. the only down side is that because the product is so creamy, it has a tendency to slip, so I highly recommend using a lip pencil or maybe even using a light hand when applying.

(Ladies ignore the EPIC stache shadow!!! Trust when I say there is no hair there but apparently my camera wants me to believe I’m rocking a 5 o’clock shadow! haha!)

Price: $5-$10 USD depending on location and availability

Overall: I am really glad I tried this line of lipsticks! The color selection is CRAZY! There are so many fun and vibrant colors that really appeal to the teenage spirit. Usually hesitate to recommend lipsticks for girls in highschool, but these colors are just to fun to skip 🙂

🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 

Comments on: "Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipcolor" (8)

  1. Great post! You just made me want to run out and grab one of these! I’m in to lip colors but still haven’t found the perfect lipstick that I feel I could wear daily. Maybe this could be it!

  2. Love CG Lip Perfection. I have Fairytale which looks like a much more expensive lipstick than it really is.

  3. I recently bought this brand in the color “delish”, because it was featured in an ad. I am always on the search for that perfect nude color, however, on my albino skin….it didn’t look great! lol, but not because the quality of the product…i’ll try it again when I have a spray tan! 🙂

    • Haha, same here. I had to experiment with colors till I found the one that worked best for me, so don’t give up hope, tan or no tan I’m sure u will find the one that works best for u 🙂

  4. Great POST Cover Girl has really improved the quality of their lipsticks over the years and I love it. Great Job.

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