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Sigh. I’ve hit an all time low. I went to Walgreen’s to get a replacement foundation, and ended up with 5 new nail polishes! You might be saying what’s the big deal, its only 5, well if you knew I already had 92 (not including the 15 I gave my sister) you might have a different answer.

So this obsession started with a navy blue polish from N.Y.C for $0.99. I thought I was the shiz nitz rocking blue nails! Shoot I flashed my hands whenever I could. Eventually, I got tired of the blues and thought, hmmm let me try this color then that color and oh that looks nice then…..argghh shake my head in shame.

But ladies it doesn’t just stop there. GLITTER! GLITTER is my downfall. If it sparkles and I can paint it on my nails, then trust when I say I got it. Shoot, my  glitter obsession got so bad last summer that I binged on eBay and bought a 24 pack of glitter dust from China just so I can just dunk my nails in them.

Yup…I’m obsessed.

This week I will be sharing with you guys some of my favorite brands, colors and designs 🙂 I hope you all enjoy.

Comments on: "Confessions of a Nail Polish Junkie" (16)

  1. practicingpretty said:

    A couple of weeks ago I outgrew my nail polish drawer (which was totally too small, duh), but my boyfriend was kind enough to point out I had 0 polishes a few months ago. Oops? There are way too many pretty colours to have only a few, I say! 🙂

  2. I have heaps of nail polishes too and that don’t stop my addiction either. I haven’t counted them all but almost every quarter I give around 20 bottles to my colleagues at work 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog 😉

  3. Dizzy Nicky said:

    Love your post, hilarious!

  4. I know how you feel. I bought a file organizer at Walmart and have two out of the three drawers full with polish already, and what am I doing tomorrow? Going to sallys for some new colors haha 😛

  5. me too! i have 3 cases full! and with my fingers in gel nails and my toes in gelish, i bought 3 bottles more! but i cant try any until i remove my existing nails.haha!

  6. Nail Polish is the new lipstick. I realized that at Salon Expo. I have severl colors as well and loved your article on the subject.

  7. I gave up buying polish for lent. Dumbest thing I ever did! Only a few more days though, my list is getting longer by the day! I thought about shoplifting some nail polish, because that wouldn’t be buying it…. But decided against it! XoXo — Judi

  8. I think a nail polish is such an easy treat that instantly lifts the mood with it’s color… I don’t blame you. Mind you, this is coming from a nailpolish junkie in the making 😉

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