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If I was a face powder kind of girl, then this would be the one. Oh the simplicity, the coverage, the SPF….yes, we could’ve been a great match 🙂

Now before I start sounding anymore like a perv, on with my review 🙂

Packaging: The powder comes in a cute little box within in a box. Although BeneFit products as a whole aren’t necessarily on the top of my favorites list, I must say, their packaging is always cute. 

Included with the powder are a typical brush and sponge applicator. While the brush is okay  if you have absolutely nothing else, most definitely throw out the sponge. Don’t want all your face oils getting caught in it when you use is.

Product: The face powder itself is a  soft consistency. Where I have found other powders to be very chalky and streaky, this powder is soft and blends in very well. As written on the box, with a brush the powder gives a very sheer coverage and with a sponge its a great spot cover-up. Plus the SPF 15 doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Pricing: Here’s where I hesitate. If it was twenty dollars cheaper, I would be all over it, but at $34 USD, it’s definitely a could’ve, would’ve should’ve  kind of product.

Overall: I have never been a powder kind of girl. I have always found them to make my face look chalky and overly done.  Honestly can’t even think of the last time that I used a powder, other than a translucent one to set my foundation once in a while. 

However, after experimenting with this powder, I think maybe I should change my mind. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the effect it gave over my foundation, on its own, over some primer and tinted moisturizer I found this powder to be great. We all have those days, when we just don’t want anything heavy on our face and I think for those days, this powder is great. It helped cover my small imperfections, without going overboard and let my skin breathe.

I would recommend this powder cover up  for girls looking for a major setting powder that just won’t let your foundation budge, as well as girls looking for a light airy look.  Remember the secret is in the application 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂 3/4


Comments on: "BeneFit “Hello Flawless” Cover up Powder" (16)

  1. I love Benefit products but I’ve never tried this. Really want to check it out now 🙂

  2. I’m not a powder girl, either – I don’t even set my BB cream or foundation with it! Only my concealer once in a while 😛

  3. i love this! its the ONLY powder i use!

  4. Lauren Lisante said:

    I love this post! You are hilarious! XD I am actually a huge fan of powder and I normally use MAC’s Mineralize Loose Powder as my everyday foundation. I suffer from adult acne issues, so usually whenever I use liquid foundations, it makes my breakouts worse! :((( I might give this a try, even though it’s a bit expensive, just because I do love a good powder! 😀

    • 1. Thank u! 2. I also have adult acne issues as well and powder foundation might be the way for me to go now, actually thought about the MAC one for a while, so just might have to give it try now 🙂

      • Lauren Lisante said:

        Do you really?! It’s so nice to know I’m not alone! Even though I have adult acne issues and I’m very oily, I suffer from dry patches of skin around my mouth and eyes. My skin is a horrendous mess. 😦 But anyway, I really like the MAC Mineralize Loose powder because it’s really light, but you can build up your coverage if you need it. It also doesn’t look chalky on the skin. It’s very natural! (At least for me!) I use it in with my Bobbi Brown Blemish Stick concealer and both together give my skin a really great finish. The powder is 30 dollars though, so make sure you are ready to invest! 🙂 If you give it a try, make a post about it! I’d love to see what you think!

      • OMG u are totally my skin sister! Like I complain all the time, I have oily skin, but then I have these darn dry patches around my mouth and chin. I mean seriously what the hell!! Haha, primers have been my key, but I will most definitely be trying this product soon, and of course I will post 🙂

      • Lauren Lisante said:

        Haha! I share your pain of the horrid oily-dry combination skin. Obviously, we were just separated at birth. xD But yeah, what the freakin’ hell!! It’s so hard to combat!
        Anyway, what primer do you use and what foundation do you use normally?

      • Im all over the place with primers since I find them do essentially the same thing. I was in love with the Smashbox primer, then I went to the ELF primer and I even tried Monistat Chafing Gel (as recommended on you tube). None have really done the job, but I find the Smashbox to be the most effective. The Sonia Kashuk is the next one on my must try list. As far as foundation, I like my Colorstay because it covers everything and stays put. Fortunately, even with its thick consistency, its doesn’t inflame my acne areas. Other then that I’m constantly experimenting to find whats best, but I think having a good night time “repair” routine has been my key to better skin. I make sure to wash, tone and moisturize. Plus I use skin masks weekly to make sure my skin stays fresh and hydrated.

      • Lauren Lisante said:

        Ooh, the only primer I used was MakeUp Forever’s primer. It was pretty expensive, but I liked it alot. It evened out my skin tone as well. I tend to get a bit red. But I should look into the Smashbox one.

        I just started using masks weekly again. It really helps keep the big ugly breakouts at bay. 🙂

  5. I like Benefit products but dislike their prices esp. where I live they tend to be as expensive as Dior or Chanel and if I have that kind of money to spend…I rather get Dior 🙂

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