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Ya’ll I am done with these monthly subscription boxes. Considering  I have only tried the MyGlam for one month and Birchbox for one month, this is a pretty strong statement, BUT I can’t. I can’t rationalize spending $10 on samples that in my opinion are worth no more than $2.

After the crappy MyGlam bag, I decided to give Birchbox a try and this is what I received:

Was ECSTATIC because I loved the packaging..SO POSH

Apparently it was Gossip Girl themed. “Okay” I thought, “not really into the show but I like the trendy looks of the girls…might be cool”


Really? For $10 I got 

  • Mini gold nail polish
  • SKIN body cream thingy
  • BB cream sample
  • Keil’s eye cream sample
  • Perfume sample (smelled like an old drunk grandma in a field of flowers)
  • 1 Notecard (REALLY! 1 Flippin notecard!)

Now here is the thing, many of you probably are looking at the samples and thinking, hey not bad, looks good, looks like i got some really high-end samples. BUT come on guys, I expected so much more. Plus it doesn’t help that the box was sent to the wrong STATE, some of the products had actually leaked out and it took customer service 10 days to respond to an email I had about billing. AND TO ADD ON TOP OF THAT…my mom went shopping this past weekend and got bigger samples of the Kiel’s cream and SKIN thingy FOR FREE!

I’m sorry if it seems I’m just bitching and moaning about a stupid sample box, but I just had to share my experience.

On the upside however, Birchbox offered to send me next months box for free to make up for the poor customer service experience, so I don’t know how I feel now. On the one side FREE YAY but on the other I’m torn whether I even want it……what do you all think? Take the free box or get my money back for this box?

Comments on: "May 2012 Birchbox….NEED YOUR HELP LADIES!" (12)

  1. nisha760 said:

    take the free box lol only $10. if you really hate it after the free box then cancel the subscription

  2. Did they offer to actually give your money back? They never offered me that, just free boxes. We were finally even after this box so I broke up with them. This relationship had run its course and it was time to see other people. If you can get the $$ I would, because next months box will be worse. This was a ‘special’ box. Did you check BB cream? A lot of people had empty tubes. 😦
    I’m with ya sister, for $10 a month I can buy a nail polish I love and will use!
    Xoxo — Judi

    • Yup yup lady actually offered credit back onto my card or free box after I buttered her up on the phone. But I think ur right, this relationship is doomed from the beginning, best to nip it in the bud before its to late.

  3. I would take the free box and try again. From other blogs I have read a lot of people did not like this months, including me. I am going to try one more month.

  4. Take the free box 🙂 if it sucks cancel your subscription, since its free can’t hurt to check it out.

  5. I know how you feel; I was kinda bummed about my box too, but I’ve heard a lot that it varies month to month each box so I dunno how I feel about it now lol

  6. becks willson said:

    free box
    hun that sounds rubbish they prob get paid loads to send you the samples anyway so i tots agree with ya

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