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I broke another brush….time for a detangler

Sigh…here we go again. Officially on the hunt for yet another brush. Why? You may ask. Well this smart one broke it. No, no my brush wasn’t involved in some catastrophic apocalyptic war that caused it to split in half, it was my hair. Yes ladies, my flippin hair broke my brush!

After years of damaging my hair with color treatments, heating tools and overall abuse, after each shower it becomes a hot mess of tangled tresses that are…well…capable of snapping a brush. Ever so frustrated and annoyed I called up my BFF aka my sister, to spill my heart and shared my woes, when she introduced me to probably the most genius product of all time….Suave Detangler…FOR KIDS!!

Yup, I just admitted it, I now shop in the kids aisle! But what am I supposed to do, this stuff is AWESOME! One quick spritz and poof! My hair is instantly transformed and can run a comb through it without a single snag!

Now before you dismiss me as a total weirdo, check out the pros and cons


1. Two quick pumps is all it takes

2. Smells AMAZING (green apples is my fav)

3. Doesn’t sting your eyes, yes I speak from experience (tastes ok too)

4. CHEAP ($3-$5 USD)

5. Light weight formula doesn’t cause build up

6. Obviously child safe

7. Lasts forever! Totally depends on how much and how often you use

8. Adorable packaging

9. Reduces flyaways


1. …..cant think of any 🙂

So ladies, if you have a pile of hot mess on your head that you call hair, go give this product a try. I can’t begin to tell you how elated I am not to see a pile of hair on the floor every time I comb my tangled hair.

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