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US Glossybox!

For those who didn’t know, Glossybox has come to America! Primarily an international monthly beauty box, Glossybox did a mass Youtube promotion last month for their lauch here in the US and wanting to compare it to other monthly subscribtion boxes,  I bought one, and here’s what I got 🙂




WOW!!! How cool! Another perfume sample! Just what I always wanted! 🙂



Smells like my grandmas spice cabinet…lemon, ginger, juniper…sounds good but yuck!













It is an eyeshadow base, the packaging is very cheap looking and feeling. Generally for makeup artists, it retails for $20USD






This is where it gets good though. The color is a gorgeous purple mauve. Its goes on smooth not tacky and stays put for a long time. 

More eye cream goodies

I was excited to try this product, the AHAVA cream body wash, because I could smell it through the box, but then I realized the only reason I could smell it was because it had all spilled out 😦

This shaving cream is the bomb.com ( yeah i just said that!). It goes on without much lather and has no scent, but the after effects are just awesome. My legs were so silky smooth that I couldn’t help but bring out my short shorts 🙂

Final Verdict: Glossybox kicks the other boxes ass! Even with one missing product (which they said they would send and replace my AHAVA), this box was great. Yes the price is steep ($23 USD depending on location) but you actually get a lot of full size products. Plus the box everything comes in is just adorable!

So would I buy it again?…..I think I would 🙂

June 2012 Birchbox

Ya’ll know my drama form last month, and as u can tell I opted for the “free” box, and you know what…Im glad  I did 🙂

The theme for this month was “Jet Set” So join me on my journey won’t u….

Lol, you know u all saw the Band-Aid pack first! Oh my bad, the “fancy” Band-Aid by Cynthia Rowley

To go along with my fancy wound covers, we have some wipes

And if my wounds leave a scar or stretch marks, this sucker can help 

But if my injuries are too serious, I can slather on some of this

Make myself look pretty by dabbing this on my lips and cheeks

And plop down on my couch as I get high off of yet  another perfume sample

All the whilst staring at my fancy art of far away place because I too broke to go anywhere for reals


Hope u enjoyed my journey 🙂

Side Note:

TheBalm Staniac: Love the concept of a gel like stain, that blends very well, but does not last on oily skin but where I swatched it on my dry arm, it stayed all day

May 2012 Birchbox….NEED YOUR HELP LADIES!


Ya’ll I am done with these monthly subscription boxes. Considering  I have only tried the MyGlam for one month and Birchbox for one month, this is a pretty strong statement, BUT I can’t. I can’t rationalize spending $10 on samples that in my opinion are worth no more than $2.

After the crappy MyGlam bag, I decided to give Birchbox a try and this is what I received:

Was ECSTATIC because I loved the packaging..SO POSH

Apparently it was Gossip Girl themed. “Okay” I thought, “not really into the show but I like the trendy looks of the girls…might be cool”


Really? For $10 I got 

  • Mini gold nail polish
  • SKIN body cream thingy
  • BB cream sample
  • Keil’s eye cream sample
  • Perfume sample (smelled like an old drunk grandma in a field of flowers)
  • 1 Notecard (REALLY! 1 Flippin notecard!)

Now here is the thing, many of you probably are looking at the samples and thinking, hey not bad, looks good, looks like i got some really high-end samples. BUT come on guys, I expected so much more. Plus it doesn’t help that the box was sent to the wrong STATE, some of the products had actually leaked out and it took customer service 10 days to respond to an email I had about billing. AND TO ADD ON TOP OF THAT…my mom went shopping this past weekend and got bigger samples of the Kiel’s cream and SKIN thingy FOR FREE!

I’m sorry if it seems I’m just bitching and moaning about a stupid sample box, but I just had to share my experience.

On the upside however, Birchbox offered to send me next months box for free to make up for the poor customer service experience, so I don’t know how I feel now. On the one side FREE YAY but on the other I’m torn whether I even want it……what do you all think? Take the free box or get my money back for this box?

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