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Ugly Zit…BE GONE I SAY!!!

So like most people, I have battled ugly blemishes (i.e zits, pimples, acne etc..) my whole life. Even now, in my mid-20’s I’m still prone to the occasional breakout that has me running to the mirror every twenty minutes to check if the monster has grown bigger 🙂 However, through the years, after much money spent and hundreds of products tested, I think I have finally found the best PREVENTATIVE medicine I can buy from the drugstore that works for me.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a health  professional. This review is solely based on MY experience. Everyone is different, so what works for me, may not work for you, therefore if you have a serious skin condition, it is best you consult a physician/dermatologist, who can advise you on the proper procedures  and medicines to take that will work the most effectively for u 🙂

As teenager had these big  ole’ honking pimples all over my forehead. As I got older, these little suckers started to travel down my face! I mean really! Its bad enough that I was a chubby teenager, then add to that these meandering pimples and yup, the perfect cocktail for low self-esteem. Don’t worry I’m good now, but these pimples really motivated me to explore  products that would help me zap them away.

Proactiv, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Burt’s Bees, Noxzema, Acne Free, Biore, Oxy, I mean if it can be bought at a drugstore store or mall, then I’ve tried it. While some helped ease the problem, most just irritated my face and exasperated the problem. However, eventually, I learned  better, fixed my diet, came up with a face routine that worked for me, and finally “conquered” my battle with the pimple 🙂

Now in my mid-20’s, my biggest battle is with the darn zits! Alright, alright I will be the first to admit that I don’t always wash off my makeup before I go to sleep. Oh hush, you know you have your lazy days as well 🙂 Sadly though, the next day is when I pay, when I see the evil creatures sprouting on my chin. So my cure….Persa Gel! 

This product is awesome! With 10% Benzoyl Peroxide concentration, this product  not only helps reduse the redness, but makes my zits vanish quickly without  leaving any discoloration behind. So if I feel a zit/pimple/cystic acne attack coming on, I just dab this sucker on, and BOOYAH! gone!

I used to think I was deformed because the salicylic products never seemed to work for me. While they worked miracles for my friends, all they ever did for me was give me dry skin, which is pretty epic considering the oiliness  of  my skin!

Why does Persa-Gel work? Because it kills the bacteria!!! It gets down to the root of the problem rather then just getting rid of the zit cosmetically. So while it may take two days for the zit  to die forever, thats excatly what its going to do, DIE FOREVER! The product gets deep down kills the germs and PREVENTS  new zits from popin up in that place again for a while.

So  if your  tired of bumpy zits and salicylic products just aren’t working, give this a try 🙂 It’s cheap, effective and well-worth the hype.

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